11 11 11

by Joe Adler

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As a prime number, eleven can be divided evenly by only one and itself.
Eleven is empty.

In the Basque language, hamaika means both “eleven” and “infinite.”
Eleven is everything.
In 1969, Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
Eleven is discovery.

The eleventh hour is the last moment.
Eleven is the end.
You can only count to ten on your fingers.
Eleven is next.

Once Judas betrayed Jesus, the remaining apostles were the Eleven.
Eleven is what’s left.
The atomic number for sodium is eleven.
Eleven is elemental.

The periodicity of a solar cycle is eleven years.
Eleven is astronomical.
The contents of a heart:
Friends and family and lovers
Music and tears and laughter
Snapshots and cheapshots and longshots
Forevers and nevers and maybes
Beginnings and endings and inbetweens

The average adult male heart weighs eleven ounces.
Eleven is not enough.

Here’s one more.

(...liner notes by Rozi...)

1. The Call 00:08
2. The Mornin's The Prettiest Time 02:53
3. Coffee & Eggs 03:02
4. Overlapping Desires 07:00
5. Another Drink Of Water 03:11
6. Shoot Your Cuffs 02:35
7. 11 11 11 11:11
8. Mike Czech 00:33

with Samara Lark, Emily Rozanski, Johnnie Day Durand, Pat Ormiston, Zack duPont, Matt Harpster, Aya Inoue, The Owls, The Big Benson Beaver Band, my Granddaddy, The St Paul St Horns, Otis Cleveland, Josh Glass, Eric Segalstad & Mark Ferber. Cover art by Gewel Kafka.
Greg Alexander... You will be on the next one!!!
Love to everyone.
Dedicated to William S. Burroughs, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and my family and friends!!!


released November 11, 2011

...recorded/mixed by Joe Adler, jadler... @ electric haloland studios...



all rights reserved


Joe Adler Burlington

Burlington, Vermont based singer/songwriter who draws on influences that range from the blues, folk, and experimental tendencies of Tom Waits, to the poetic leanings of Leonard Cohen. Adler has collaborated on stage live with such notables as Brad Barr (The Slip), Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio), Marco Benevento, Yah Yah Abdel-Majid (Sun Ra Arkestra), Craig Myers (Barika), and Dave Dreiwitz (Ween). ... more

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